As Salam alaykum may Allah have mercy on you, the aim of ASWJ.Com inshallah is to spread the sunnah based on the creed and manhaj of the salaf (early generations of Muslims) and to clarify the true creed of the Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jamaah (Salafis).

ASWJ.Com is a salafi website inshallah which hopes to spread the correct understanding of as-salafiyyah.

Which means ASWJ.Com is based on following the islamic aqeedah (islamic beliefs), methodology (manhaj) and fiqh of the prophet Muhammad, his companions, their students (the tabieen), then their (the companions students) students (the taba at-tabieen) and then all those scholars, students of knowledge and daaiees from every time and place who follow these pious predecessors (as-salaf as-saalih) in their understanding and implementation of the Quran and Sunnah (those who are true followers of the salaf as-saalih and those scholars who follow the salaf as-saalih in any time or place past or present are known as Salafis, or followers of Ahlus Sunnah, Ahlu Hadeeth or Ahlu Sunnah Wal Jamaah).

Therefore at ASWJ.Com we follow all of the four imams (Imam Hanifah, Imam Malik, Imam Shafi and Imam Ahmed) in their aqeedah (islamic beliefs), methodology (manhaj) and fiqh. So we at ASWJ.Com do not blindly follow (i.e. follow everything that is said by a certain individual without question) any of the four imams or any other scholar of Islam past or present no matter how knowledgeable and righteous he was or is. The only person who we (and all the Muslims should) blindly follow (i.e. follow everything that is said without question) is the Prophet Muhammad.

So ASWJ.Com will post articles and audio videos from the scholars, students of knowledge and the daaeeis of Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jamaah (Salafiyyah) explaining and in defence of the Salafi manhaj.

At ASWJ.Com we reject all the misguided innovated groups and their bidahs (innovations). We believe it is a part of jihad for the sake of Allah to warn against these innovated groups, their main callers and their innovations openly. So the religion of Islam can be protected from these distortions and evil innovations and the true pure undistorted version of Islam (as-salafiyyah) can flourish.

Thus at ASWJ.Com we will inshallah over a period of time refute and warn against the Asharis, Sufis, Takfires, Murjiah and the Shia as these deviant innovated groups are still unfortunately influencing millions of Muslims in the world today.

ASWJ.Com it is not affiliated with any mosques, Islamic centres, dawah organisations, scholars, students of knowledge or daaeeis. The articles written on ASWJ.Com are taken from various sources and written by me (Abdul Kareem Ibn Ozzie, the site creator) inshallah, unless otherwise stated.

May Allah guide you, protect you and bless you in this life and the next. Ameen.


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